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Dive into Luxury: 7 Benefits of Having an Apartment with a Pool

Dive into Luxury: 7 Benefits of Having an Apartment with a Pool

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Choosing an apartment community involves deciding which amenities are vital to your lifestyle. At a luxury apartment complex, there are superior amenity options like 24/7 concierge services, a state-of-the-art wellness center, an in-unit washer and dryer, and EV charging stations.

But during those steamy LA summers, you’ll also need a way to cool off and enjoy the outdoors. For that, you’ll want a pool. In this article, we’ll discuss the many benefits of apartment living with a pool.

The Perks of Having an Apartment With a Pool

An apartment pool is the ideal recreation area, from a beneficial stress reliever to a wonderful year-round playground. Discover the many benefits of living with a pool practically at your doorstep.

Socialize With Neighbors

High-quality apartment living doesn’t only involve enjoying your space and indulging in the many amenities. Diverse and fascinating neighbors surround residents of premier apartments.

Making friends and building a community in average apartments without a pool is challenging. Living in an apartment with a lido area allows you to meet your neighbors in a natural setting. Strike up a conversation poolside, hit it off, and you’ll start embracing the pleasure of true community living.

Relieve Stress

Life can be stressful—filled with the constant pursuit to “do it all”. The last thing you want is for your apartment community to be an additional source of stress.

  1. fact, your apartment community should provide you with some of the tools you need to maintain a healthy, balanced life. When searching for your ideal apartment, it’s vital to know that a premier pool space can function as a powerful de-stressor.

Every apartment amenity should be designed to make your life easier and lower your stress, but pools are particularly excellent de-stressors. Imagine having a long day at the office, putting out fire after fire, and getting to come home and lounge out by the pool.

The calming ambiance from the water lapping against the pool walls, birds chirping, and murmurs from fellow residents will lull you into relaxation. An apartment pool can easily become a vital stress reliever in your life.

Explore a New Form of Exercise

Pools aren’t just for relaxation and socializing. This amenity can revolutionize your fitness routine. Swimming is an excellent, low-impact workout that is amazing for anyone, but especially those who struggle with the following conditions:

  • Arthritis
  • Previous joint surgery
  • Musculoskeletal conditions
  • Poor heart health
  • Inconsistent weight loss

Swimming reduces stress on your body while allowing for a fantastic workout that builds cardiovascular health and sheds fat. If you’re new to water workouts, start slow with a few laps every morning and some tread practice. You’ll be shredding laps like Katie Ledecky in no time.

Discover the convenience of having such a positive form of fitness right outside your front door.

Cool Off in the Heat

Los Angeles is known for its wonderful food, celebrity sightings, and hot weather. The city enjoys a dry Mediterranean climate that is often lovely but can become oppressive, especially in the summer heat.


There are several methods that LA residents use to cool off, including:


  • Sticking indoors: It’s hard to regulate your temperature when it’s blistering outside. For many residents, posting up near the AC is the coolest option. Escaping the heat indoors is fine until it becomes your only option. No one enjoys spending the best part of the year cooped up.
  • Heading to the beach: Salt air and a dip in the ocean are big draws for LA residents. If the sun isn’t too oppressive, this is an excellent method of cooling off. The only draw is the hordes of other citizens and tourists with the same idea.
  • Renting a pool: Looking for a pool for rent? These short-term rentals exist in the LA area. You’ll typically need to pay per person for access to these private pools. Some come with a rooftop deck or allow you access to courtyard space. However, many are just average pools at a steep price. Some aren’t even smoke-free or won’t allow residents to access courtyard amenities.
  • Resting at an apartment pool: It’s right by your residence, luxuriously designed, and only occupied by other lucky apartment residents. Chilling by your pool is the ideal way to spend a hot LA day.


Pristine apartment pools come with umbrellas, relaxation areas, and other prime amenities for your enjoyment. They’re the perfect way to stay cool.

Get Outdoors

Some vitamin D and fresh air are good for you. Humans need to spend time outdoors. It boosts serotonin and keeps us in top shape. Staying cooped up in your condo or bedroom rental won’t help your overall wellness.

You can always head to the local park or enjoy a walkable space, but what better place to get outside than at the pool? Exercise, organize a game of pool volleyball, or just listen to music and relax. An apartment community pool is the perfect way to get outside.

Potential residents with children in elementary school, middle school, or high school will appreciate the outdoor space where kids can get their energy out and teens can relax.

Enjoy Year-Round Use

We’ve covered how hot the Los Angeles summers can get, but temps climb even in the autumn, winter, and spring. This makes year-round outdoor time a delightful possibility. In the past year, January even saw a high of 70 degrees.

During the coldest months of the year, January and December, the average highs hover just around 68 Fahrenheit and quickly climb back to the 80s+ in the spring. Many enjoy a dip in the pool year-round, but even if it’s too brisk for you, the ambiance and sun at the poolside are delightful.

Entertain Guests

Poolside entertainment is a special kind of luxury. Your friends and family can truly relax and focus on connection at the pool.

Understandably, some apartment communities have restrictions on how many guests you can bring to the pool. However, you can still enjoy poolside entertainment with a few guests, creating an intimate environment.

Additional Pool Amenities to Look For

In addition to all the benefits that come with just having a pool in your apartment community, you can reap more perks by looking for extra amenities that sometimes come with a pool.

These amenities may include:

  • A poolside lounge area: This special area may include cabanas and daybeds, ideal for laying out and getting bronzed or just taking a snooze.
  • Hot tubs (heated spas) or jacuzzis: This pool-adjacent amenity is delightful any time of year, but especially during those slightly cooler winter months.
  • Clubhouse near the pool: Pool clubhouses can take various forms. This amenity may include seating areas for conversation and rest, a bar or kitchen area, and even a projection screen. In addition, the top clubhouses come with clubhouse maintenance.

These amenities and more are part of what elevates a standard apartment pool to a true luxury space.

Experience the Luxury of an Apartment Pool at The Q Playa

From a unique exercise experience to a perfect entertainment area, a top-tier apartment pool is a multi-function space you need in your next residence. At The Q Playa, luxury amenities include a gorgeous pool complete with:

  • aesthetic design
  • pristine clubhouse
  • heated spa
  • and poolside lounge area

Our stunning residences include many other premier amenities, such as a state-of-the-art fitness center, penthouse rooftop, and more. Review our floor plans and property map to discover studio apartments, loft-style spaces, and multi-bedroom apartments. Then, schedule a tour of your home-to-be.

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