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The Benefits of Living in a Luxury Apartment With a Gym

The Benefits of Living in a Luxury Apartment With a Gym

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Living in Los Angeles, it's impossible to ignore the modern fitness craze. From SoulCycle to Barry's, there are innovative and intense options for building a healthier body on every corner; however, joining a fitness studio doesn't mean you'll actually attend.

The International Journal of Exercise Science conducted studies that showcased "the potential efficacy of home-based training systems." Their studies show that having a home gym encourages people to go to the gym regularly and improve their diet adherence.

In this article, we will review the benefits and opportunities that come with living in a luxurious apartment building with a home gym.

10 Benefits of Luxury Apartments With Gyms

A quality apartment gym is just as important as finding a place with walk-in closets, stainless steel appliances, and that unique upscale feel.

With a luxury home gym, you don't have to juggle unreasonable fitness memberships while struggling to make yourself attend class. Below we've detailed the top ten benefits of living in an apartment complex with a state-of-the-art gym.


Many individuals struggle to make themselves travel to the gym or find it tough to fit a fitness class into their busy schedules. Having a gym within your apartment community means you don't have to go far to work out. The fitness center is just a short walk away, saving you time and transportation costs.

This level of accessibility is tough to beat and gives you more hours in the day to put back into your workout or other enjoyable pursuits.

24/7 Access

Many apartment gyms are open 24/7, allowing you to exercise whenever it suits your schedule, whether early in the morning or late at night. This consistent access means that regardless of your work or travel schedule, you'll always be able to get your pump in.

Imagine taking a 20-minute workout to calm down after a hectic late-night meeting or getting in a blistering treadmill run before starting your day. 24/7 gym access means having a fitness center that works for you.

Cost Savings

Joining an external gym can be expensive, with monthly membership fees. Some of the most popular US fitness spots come at an alarmingly high price point. Prices vary by location, but here are the average monthly fees associated with the top studios:

  • Equinox: ~$200 per month plus initiation fee
  • Life Time: ~$99 – $249 per month plus a joining fee
  • Orangetheory Fitness: membership packages start at ~$59 per month
  • LA Fitness: Option for ~$99 initiation fee with $34.99 per month membership
  • Barry's Bootcamp: ~$30 per class or 10 for $280

Clearly, none of these memberships are necessarily cheap. However, the cost of a fitness membership doesn't stop at the initial monthly payments. There are add-ons for special equipment, higher prices for more exclusive access, and the price of merchandise you'll be encouraged to purchase. Additionally, finding a gym with extra amenities like a pickleball court, rowing machine, or spa can be challenging.

With an on-site gym, you can save money on gym memberships and take advantage of the amenities included in your rent.

Health and Wellness

Keeping a dedicated workout routine isn't just about looking fit or achieving a goal. Working out consistently can boost your mood and work to keep you in a more elevated and peaceful state of mind.

Regular access to a well-equipped gym can encourage this healthier lifestyle, leading to improved physical fitness and mental well-being.

Community Building

An apartment complex can be more than just a place to rest. Premier apartment homes will put on community events and encourage relationship-building among residents. A strong community can:

  • Empower individuals
  • Build a sense of belongingness
  • Increase the sense of safety and security
  • Strengthen mental and physical health
  • Offer more opportunities
  • Provide emotional support

With a luxury apartment gym, you'll have the opportunity to meet more of your neighbors in the community who share similar interests as you. The apartment gym is a social hub within the complex, where residents can meet and bond over shared fitness goals.

Personal Training and Classes

One of the main drawbacks to a home gym is the lack of access to actual fitness classes and training. Learning to work out or getting the best session is often challenging without a dedicated instructor. However, some apartment gyms offer fitness classes and access to personal trainers, providing additional support and motivation to achieve your fitness goals.

Luxury communities often offer an even better experience than the average public gym or the standard apartment gym. The Q Playa offers complimentary fitness classes, including yoga, spin, and access to the community spa.

Enhanced Safety

Stand-alone 24/7 gyms can come with a reputation of danger and risk, especially when getting a late-night workout session in.

The last thing you need is a concern for your safety or the security of your vehicle standing in the way of a good workout routine. On-site gyms in apartment communities are generally secure, with access limited to residents, providing a safer environment for exercise. Look for apartment communities with services like a premier concierge, overnight security, and advanced safety measures.

Variety of Equipment

Gone are the days of waiting for the equipment you want to use. Additionally, working out in your living room on painful hardwood floors is not ideal. A gym with upgraded amenities means more access to the top-of-the-line equipment you want. You need more than basic dumbbells and an elliptical for your workout routine.

State-of-the-art gyms often feature a wide range of exercise equipment catering to various fitness preferences, such as cardio machines, free weights, and functional training equipment. For example, The Q features equipment like a Lululemon Studio Mirror, which allows access to top fitness instruction and a novel method of working out.

These kinds of advanced machines and technologies allow residents to tailor their workout to their exact preferences and truly enjoy their gym time.

Limited Crowds

Compared to public gyms, apartment community gyms tend to have fewer users at any time. This can result in a less crowded workout environment, allowing you to exercise without feeling overwhelmed or distracted by too many people.

This amount of space also allows you the freedom to engage in a larger variety of workouts, such as:

  • Ballet barre with bands and weights
  • TRX workouts combined with treadmill sprints
  • Heavy strength workouts that require intense concentration
  • Full body vinyasa with a deep stretching routine

The options are endless when you have the space and security to get creative with your fitness.

Privacy and Focused Environment

Private exercise rooms offer a secluded space where you can:

  • Practice yoga and meditation
  • Dance
  • Use Pilates reformers

These perks come without distractions or the feeling of being observed by others. Workout time is your time. Encouraging dedication to your routine and getting the most out of every session requires feeling confident and focused. A private space is an ideal way to work out with confidence.

Experience The Q Playa’s State-of-the-Art Wellness Center

Apartment living at The Q Playa means having the best in luxury amenities. From the swimming pool to the clubhouse and all the gym equipment you could want, our pet-friendly apartments are the name in high-end residences.

Potential renters are welcome to check out our various floor plans, tour apartments for rent, and check out our amazing amenities, like our premier wellness center. Contact us today to get started.

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