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Benefits of Living In A Luxurious, Pet-Friendly Apartment in LA

Benefits of Living In A Luxurious, Pet-Friendly Apartment in LA

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Pet-friendly apartments do exist—and they’re essential for the 66% of U.S. households that own a pet. The biggest challenge in finding a luxurious pet-friendly apartment is that you have to compare it to other apartment communities that may have pet or specific breed restrictions.
We know it can be difficult to find the perfect new home for you and your pet, which is exactly why we’ve taken the time to assemble our expert guide to finding the best pet-friendly home in Los Angeles. While you’re searching, you should also look for other community amenities that could be a benefit to your pet, like a concierge apartment to give your pet a treat every time they go for a walk.

Throughout the remainder of this article, you’ll see our expert take on the possible benefits you can get from living in pet-friendly homes, which pet-friendly amenities and services to look for, and suggestions that will make your apartment searching experience as fulfilling and enjoyable as possible.

The Benefits of Luxury Pet-Friendly Apartments

The most obvious and important benefit of living in a pet-friendly apartment for rent is that you and your pet get to share your on-site living arrangement! But there are additional benefits that you’ll want to explore when searching for a pet-friendly apartment.


  • Access to high-end amenities for pet parents and pets. While this can look different depending on the luxury apartments you’re looking at, common inclusions you might find are:
    • Protected or covered dog walking areas (such as covered plazas or a secured green belt)
    • Dog and owner refreshment stations (including water, coffee, snacks, and treats)
    • Pet wash and grooming areas
    • Outside covered trash bins for pet waste needs
    • Furnished dog parks with included toys or structures for pet play


  • Pet-friendly community events. Many apartment communities host pet-friendly events that allow you to get to know your neighbors with your companion by your side. Learn more about your community and bring your pet along for the fun!
  • Neighboring pets and friends on-site. Pets and residents can both meet other pets and pet owners while out on walks or enjoying other pet-friendly amenities. Explore the opportunity to develop relationships with neighbors through this connection.
  • Stress-free move-in processes and on-site resident experiences. Moving can be challenging enough without the added stress of managing your pet. A pet-friendly apartment community may offer move-in assistance that helps you ensure that your belongings and your furry friend make it safely into your new home.


These perks in luxury apartment communities increase residents’ connections to the community and the quality of life for both pet and pet parents—ultimately resulting in longer living tenures in the community and happier experiences.

Understanding Pet Policies and Restrictions

No two apartments are alike. Taking the time to explore the rules for your cat-friendly or pet-friendly apartment is key to making your apartment community selection a successful one. Important pet policies and restrictions to keep in mind when searching for your new home:


  • Breed and size restrictions (if any)
  • Pet deposits
  • Pet-related policies, including at the paw spa, paw park, and pets on leashes throughout the community
  • Pet rent add-ons or auxiliary payments


Your property manager will definitely be a helpful resource as you navigate new apartment community policies and preferences. These policies also help you be a good neighbor and member of the community.

Responsible Pet Ownership in Luxury Apartments

Responsible pet ownership is key no matter where you find yourself in your apartment search journey, and here’s what we mean by that: Whether you’re renting a short-term rental or you’re looking for pet-friendly two-bedroom apartments, responsible pet ownership broadens your horizons—creating new opportunities for connections, upgraded amenities and a more seamless living experience overall.


Some great ways to showcase your pet parent etiquette include:


  • Staying consistent with your cleaning routine. If your pet makes a mess, it’s proper etiquette to clean it up quickly with material-friendly products. However, it’s not just the cleaning to consider—you’ll also want to be sure that you’re following all pet waste disposal protocols in your community.


  • Training your pet to behave when in public spaces. Dog training is a must for pet parents in community living situations. It keeps you and others as safe as possible and can save you any liability that can come from pet misbehavior.


  • Respecting noise rules both indoors and outdoors. Certain locations (such as Santa Monica, North Hollywood, Culver City, and Playa Vista) are known for their city-wide base volume levels. However, helping your pet stay calm, quiet, and collected can lead to a better experience for yourself and others.

Amenities for Pets in Luxury Apartments

Apartments with amenities included can look a little different in pet-friendly living options. Beyond what you’d expect to see from your typical luxury amenity list, you can also expect to see:


  • Pet-friendly luxury apartment floor plans
  • Outdoor pet parks and walkways
  • Washing and grooming areas
  • On-site pet support services (i.e., veterinarians, spas, or training centers)
  • Designated breed-size-specific play areas
  • Pet waste disposal areas


Other perks can include pet-friendly hardwood floors, scratch-resistant stainless steel appliances, spacious walk-in closets to neatly store your pet essentials, and indoor walking spots—such as a covered winter garden or greenhouse area to enjoy during the colder months.

Finding Luxury Pet-Friendly Apartments

Ready to look for the perfect pet-friendly apartment? Whether you want a spacious home on Wilshire Blvd. or you plan to stake out one-bedroom apartments in Studio City, we’re covering quality research tips to help you discover the best possible apartment community.


First, we recommend using online resources to help you understand exactly what you can expect from your space. For example, apartments in slightly less populated areas may have more space to include amenities such as pet parks, grooming areas, and more. Knowing this ahead of time can help you to determine if an apartment option truly is viable or not.


Secondly, consider speaking with property management agents who specialize in luxury pet-friendly properties. They’ll be able to support you, whether you’re looking for lofts or one-bedroom apartments—connecting you with the most flexible and value-driven option that’s perfectly suited to your needs, while still accommodating your pet needs.


Lastly, check online reviews to gain the most authentic insight into a potential living situation. You can Google luxury apartment communities with a strong pet-friendly reputation (like The Q Playa) and your ideal zip code to find suitable homes in your preferred living area.


As you conduct your research process, look into all of the essentials—including:


  • The size or square footage (SQFT) of the apartment
  • A site map of the community, which will show you where each apartment is in relation to the rest of the community and also the view that you will have
  • Nearby cities, shopping, restaurants, and nightlife (such as the beautiful Sunset Strip of West Hollywood)
  • Available amenities, both on-site and local to your area

The Q Playa Meets All Your Pet-Friendly Needs

Pet-friendly apartments can feel hard to come by. However, these spots are possible to find. All it takes is a shift in your search strategy and a thorough working knowledge of what you need out of your living experience.

If you’re looking for pet-friendly apartments, we recommend The Q Playa. Our team of specialists is here to help you unlock an apartment community that’s tailored to your unique needs, giving you and your furry friend the most fulfilling experience possible. For more information and to get started today, please give us a call at (844) 618-2176.

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